Agroventures Plantations (Pvt) Ltd is a company that is focused on Sri Lankan agriculture exports, as well as the local market, of spices, fruits and vegetables along with other crops that can be grown here. We cultivate on behalf of our customers, who will fund a plantation themselves, and we will handle everything so that once the harvest is done our customers receive a very generous return on their investment. All of our cultivations are locally produced and are environmentally safe as we take part in sustainable practices. Our main cultivation is Vanilla, often considered as green gold. Vanilla is one of the most sought after and expensive spices with many uses and an ever-growing demand, making it one of the most expensive spices ever and being valued more than silver itself. We at Agro-Ventures are harnessing our country’s rich climate and soil in order to grow this valued asset in a highly sustainable way to give back to the environment and country.

We are hoping to continue the timely tradition of our ancestors and strengthen the agro-investment industry in Sri Lanka. So join us in our innovative ventures that are sure to provide a great return to you and the environment.

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Principal Virtues



Each acre of land is planted with 2,000 vanilla vines.



By 2030, we plan to cultivate 4,000,000 vines, expecting a minimum yield of 4 kg per vine, resulting in 16,000,000 kg of raw vanilla beans.



Vanilla vines begin yielding harvests after 2.5 years.



These beans are processed to produce approximately 4,000,000 kg of finished vanilla product.


Why Choose Us?

Expert Management

Our experienced team handles every aspect of cultivation, from soil preparation to export, ensuring high-quality vanilla production.

Sustainable Practices

We use organic farming methods, ensuring our practices are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Significant Returns

Both plans offer attractive returns, with guaranteed buy-back options after 5 years.

Legal Security

Land ownership is legally secured through the Land Registry Office of Matale, providing you with full legal security and bond. The lease agreement is also registered at the Land Registry for additional security

Our Main Produce


Vanilla Planifolia

Vanilla planifolia is a species of vanilla orchid known to prefer tropical nations. It is one of the most widely demanded spices in the world, valued at more than silver itself. It is most commonly known for Vanilla flavouring and it is harvested for the vanilla bean.

At Agro Ventures Plantations we have set up many Vanilla Plantations in the most optimal regions in Sri Lanka in order to ensure that we can get the best and most high quality Beans for export. Our goal is to make Sri Lanka the number one Vanilla Exporter while providing the best returns to our customers.

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Our Group of


Overseas Operations

"Our overseas operations at AgroVentures Plantations are managed with the utmost care and precision, ensuring a seamless integration and optimal performance across all international markets. We implement comprehensive strategies tailored to each region, utilizing advanced technologies to maintain consistency and efficiency in our global activities. Our dedicated teams work diligently to coordinate efforts, address challenges promptly, and uphold the highest standards of excellence in every area we operate in. By focusing on meticulous planning and continuous improvement, we ensure that our international ventures align with our core values and business objectives, delivering exceptional results and fostering strong relationships with our global partners."







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